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About Us

Our passion is excellence, reliability, and creating innovative solutions.

Since our establishment in 1980, we have committed to ourselves to making the healthcare environment safe and clean by manufacturing the latest and highest-quality medical disposable.

We achieved that through a dedicated and integrated team that strives to make our company a leader in the field.

We have achieved many major accomplishments in the past, including owning the largest medical injection syringe factory in the Gulf and contributing to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, by manufacturing over 60 million vaccine doses for Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

With many other promising projects and accomplishments that have made us a focus of attention and a hub for creative partners, we aim to be the first entity in our field, and we spare no effort in continuous development and innovation.

CEO'S Message

Welcome to Alshifa!

We believe that society’s health is our top priority. We firmly believe affordable healthcare must be accessible for all.

Back in 1980, the pandemic of transmission diseases shocked the world. The urge was using disposable syringes, and the solution was to transition from glass to plastic syringe which Alshifa successfully provided. We ensured continuous supply of plastic syringes and the safety of citizens by producing millions of syringes.

Fast forward, in 2020 another pandemic hit, and there was a short supply of vaccine syringes. Alshifa opened its plant and worked 24/7 to successfully supply all over Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries with over 60 million vaccine syringes.

Through thick and thin, we continue on providing the best solutions to our people. We are proud to be the only syringe manufacturer in the region, and our capacity has the ability to cover entire Middle East.

-Eng. Abdulmalik Alrajhi



To continuously develop and manufacture high-quality medical devices and technologies that improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of healthcare delivery.


To be a leading provider of innovative and effective medical devices and technologies that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers.


To convey our commitment towards quality, innovation, and social responsibility while also emphasizing the importance of customer focus and collaboration.


We are committed to developing, manufacturing, and delivering products of the highest quality to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.


We act with integrity and social responsibility in all aspects to make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Customer Focus

We strive to understand and meet the needs of our customers, and to build strong, long-lasting relationships with them.


We believe that the best solutions to healthcare challenges are achieved through collaboration and partnerships with other stakeholders, including researchers and healthcare providers.

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Our customer base exceeds 300 Hospitals, Polyclinics and Pharmacies

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