RAMY® Auto Disable Syringe

ALSHIFA has acquired K1 AD ( Auto Disable ) syringe with a built in mechanism designed to give a single dose injection after which the syringe is permanently locked or disabled , this automatic locking mechanism prevents the syringe to be re-used , eliminating re-packaging and re-sale.

Alshifa acquired K1 patient from STAR Syringes of U.K. , since their technology was innovative, advanced / simple & affordable. STAR Syringes own the international patent of the design, which has won the International Millennium Product Design Award of 1999 and the Design Effectiveness Award of 2000 and meets ISO 7886-3 & ISO7886-4 Standards for A.D. Syringes.

Features :

  • K1 is , WHO and UNICIF approved
  • K1 AD Syringes come in 1 ml , 3 ml , 5 ml and 10 ml
  • K1 0.5 ml fixed dose for immunization
  • K1 0.5 ml dose syringes for immunization is available with detachable needles
  • BCG syringes with a 0.05 ml and 0.1 ml dose for immunization is under study for production