Quality Control Department

PHYSICAL, biological and microbiological quality control barriers erected at various stages of manufacturing process makes Alshifa syringes a medical tool of high precision and excellent quality. Quality Control department keeps a close watch on factory environment and factors that can reflect on the ultimate quality. Operationally, the factory is divided into several temperature zones and different working areas maintaining their specified temperature levels. Every section has its own job disciplines and a particular uniform for its workforce. There is minimum interflow of workers between different departments to ensure a cross contamination controls.
Manufacturing Dept.

Microbiological Lab

ALSHIFA has highly equipped microbiological lab subject’s disposable tests. Experienced microbiologists examine the product and conduct tests to determine the level of sterility, progeny using the latest USP Standards. Initial number of germs and tiny particles, in accordance with ISO /SASO Standards and procedures. The emphasis on continuous biological, microbiological and physical quality control has earned acceptability for RAMY• syringes among most quality-conscious customers such as the Kingdom's Ministry of Health and Private Hospitals