Mission & Values

Our mission:

Building a healthier tomorrow!

It is a promise we made to our customers and the society. We will continually protect the safety of healthcare workers, patients and the environment by providing innovative, high quality medical devices.

Our core values:

Clean care is safe clear

We believe that all medical treatments are meant for improving the quality of life. Therefore two factors are considered most important by us: Quality & Safety. We are committed to the highest standards of every product we make to eliminate unnecessary suffering and deaths resulting from the unsafe medical practices.
We derive great satisfaction from making this world a safer place.

Keep innovating

Quality & Safety are the ground rules for everything. Beyond that, innovation is what one of those key elements that keep driving us forward. We always strive to improve or develop the products which best suit your need.

Quality Policy

We will consistently provide superior products for the health sector to help all people live healthy lives. This will be achieved through customer focused continuous improvement and maintaining an effective quality system which complies with regulatory requirements.

Expertise & Resources

Alshifa Medical Products Company employees are dedicated to the mission and its vision. Our administrative and technical staff has not only brought valuable contribution, but also culture diversity to the company.

We are creating the most cheerful and friendly working environment for our employees.